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Each Team must have a coach.  The coach is an important part of the team. All coaches must now be 15 years or over. Netball Victoria, have put in place Member Protection Acts, including Coaches completing a working with children check, which all clubs must be adhered to at all times. Players younger than 15 may be an assistant with a senior/adult coach if interested.
Team Managers: A Team Manager is there to help the coach on Game Day, by collecting the score sheet, handing out notices and scoring when you are the home team while generally supporting the coach. As part of the Netball Victoria initiatives, all teams must have a team manager or equivalent.
If you are interested in becoming a coach please email Northvale.


A number of new resources have been purchased & are now available for all coaches to review, including;
DVD's by Gillian Lee
 - Ball Handling
 - Attacking Skills
 - Defending Skills
 - Training Games
Please contact the Coaches Co-Ordinator for more information.